Go-4-Broke Entertainment

Go 4 Broke Entertainment is an innovative, refreshed approach to traditional relationships in the music industry. As a full-service record label, Go 4 Broke Entertainment works closely with their artists’ independent labels to promote, publicize, distribute, and market their talent worldwide through traditional mediums and the latest in emerging technologies. 

Our story began in 2016, when our founder Jackie Wilson decided to venture out and pursue his own avenue of clients that he believed in. His collaboration with KING BAINES eventually led to the founding of what is now known as Go 4 Broke Entertainment. Wilson’s vision was to provide R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop artists with a positive atmosphere that fosters growth and success. As a label, Go 4 Broke Entertainment strongly believes in supporting young artists and emerging talent. Being the proclaimed “Louisiana’s No. 1 Record Label”, Go 4 Broke Entertainment strongly believes in the power of its vision and the direction they are headed. Recording, producing, distributing, promoting, and branding artists in the greater Bossier City area are just a few of Go 4 Broke’s capabilities. We are extremely well-equipped to handle any need that may arise. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, all team members are well versed and more than able to accommodate any request. 

Go 4 Broke Entertainment is open seven days a week. We are extremely dedicated to providing all of our customers and artists with the highest level of service. Emerging and premium talent deserve only the best, and the best is all you will find at Go 4 Broke Entertainment. 

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