Kreo Kuttz 

            Kreo Kuttz is an up-and-coming hip-hop/ rap artist from Shreveport, Louisiana. With a unique sound that is aggressive but smooth and her instinctual sense of rhythm and flow, Kreo Kuttz is showing everyone in the industry why she is going to be the next big name in hip-hop! 

            Born into a musical family, Kreo Kuttz was always surrounded by music. She learned very early how powerful music can be and the way that it could be used to express herself and to connect with others. This proved true in 2017, after Kreo Kuttz ran into legal troubles that forced her  to step away from music for a while. During this time, Kreo Kuttz recognized just how important music was to her. In 2019, after her troubles finally settled down, Kreo Kuttz returned to music with the goal of confronting the negative influences and poor choices in her life. Even more importantly, Kreo Kuttz’s music served as a reminder to herself who she was and who she wanted to be. 

            This passion for music has resulted in the development of a unique and impressive new sound. Kreo Kuttz likes to describe her style as being aggressive yet smooth. Her flows usually pack heavy hits, but then transition into smooth and lyrical melodies that provide a perfect balance in all of her songs and appeal to fans of many different genres. Combined with her ability to tell a story through her lyrics, Kreo Kuttz is able to turn any beat into a hit. 

            Currently, Kreo Kuttz is finishing a series of new singles to be released over the next few months. This includes her debut track, “WHO SCARED”. Even though Kreo Kuttz’s career is just getting started, this debut single is likely to be a major step in her young career. From a struggling young artist to a diamond shining in the rough of a small city, Kreo Kuttz is now determined to make a name for herself and to rise to a level that no artist from her city has ever reached!